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Reimport von Modellen

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A typical optimization process includes design loops transforming the initial design into the final shape. Every modification of the geometry will have an impact on the Finite Element model:

  • Renumbering of nodes and elements on the whole model or only parts
  • Mesh size changes or changes of the element type
  • Addition or removal of components
  • ….

Since the weld definitions in LIMIT® are based on node and element numbers, special features were added in order to maintain the validity of weld definitions throughout different versions of the model. This way existing weld definitions remain valid.

The following steps during reimport of a modified shell model into an existing LIMIT® data base are taken:

  1. Recovering of welds in areas without any changes in the mesh.
  2. If not all welds were recovered, search assuming only a renumbering of the model.
  3. If still not all welds were recovered, search based on the original weld geometry.

After reimporting the Finite Element model, the user can check the status of each weld and if necessary, do some manual corrections.

Sensors are independent of changes of the Finite Element model with respect to element or node numbering and element type or size. As long as the geometry surrounding the Sensor remains the same, it can be used throughout iterative loops of the project.