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CASE STUDY: Underfloor Equipment Brackets of a Car Body


Every component of a railway coach and all parts connected to it have to fulfill certain strength requirements defined in railway codes such as the EN12663. The goal of this project was to prove the sufficient static and fatigue strength of the under floor equipment brackets. In this design the brackets are welded to the under frame structure of the car body. Each piece of underfloor equipment is bolted to and supported by several brackets.


LIMIT® was used to process a large number of load cases including all global deformations of the car body. Many different designs were investigated leading to an optimum design, including robustness and simple manufacturing.

Advantages of using LIMIT:

  • Using the activate/deactivate features welds were identified only in the underframe structure
  • Fast definition of welds using MultiEdit
  • Direct visualization of the weld type and notch cases
  • Conforming to standard assessment using the DVS1612
  • Automated reporting