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In the year 2000 CAE Simulation & Solutions was founded by Wolfgang Krach. Then Walter Vonach and Nikolaus Friedl joined the company as partners. In 2003 a limited liability company was formed.

The company can bee seen as a spin-off of the Institute of Lightweight Structures and Aerospace Engineering of the Technical University Vienna. All three partners worked as research or assistant professors at the institute and completed their doctoral theses in the fields of biomechanics, lightweight structures and fluid-structure-interaction. The longtime experience performing simulation projects for the industry (starting in 1993) and our dedication to high end engineering services including research and development projects were important reasons to found the company.

The application of numerical simulation methods (FEM and CFD) is a common basis of many activities. Over the years the simulation activities were extended to other areas such as multi-body dynamics (MBD) and coupled analysis. Especially fluid-structure interactions (FSI) and MBD-FEM coupling are common in present projects.

The software LIMIT® is developed by  CAE Simulation & Solutions GmbH. It is a software tool for performing strength assessments based on stress results generated with standard commercial FEA codes. The focus is set on the fast calculation of degrees of utilization or safety factors against static and fatigue failure according to different codes and regulations. The development started in the year 2004. The first commercial version was released 2010.