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Marc Interface

The strength assessment performed by the software LIMIT® incorporates a static and fatigue module to evaluate your structure. Base material as well as weld analysis can be accomplished using the commercial finite element code Marc (MSC.Software GmbH).

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Required import files for LIMIT

To allow a fatigue assessment of your structure using Marc, you have to have the .bdf to access the finite element model and the .t16 with all relevant result data.

Import into LIMIT-CAE via Nastran-BDF

  • In the current release the Marc-dat format can‘t be imported directly! The Finite Element model must be imported into the LIMIT-GUI using the standard Nastran Bulk Data format (.bdf).
  • Exporting the BDF from Mentat is shown on right side. Export is performed directly in the first Mentat menu „File“.
  • Only the element topology and the nodes are needed from the Finite Element model. Thus no essential information is lost converting to the BDF-format.

Coordinate systems

  • Nodes must be defined in the global coordinate system
  • Result data must exist in the global system solids) respectively in the default element system (shells, membranes).

Supported Marc Versions in Release Package

  • 2018.1 (has been successfully tested, but users have to change the style of the t16-file to revision 12! This is done in Mentat, while defining the results)
  • 2016
  • 2014.2

If you need a different version please contact our LIMIT® support.

Following elements can be analyzed


  • Element 7, 84, 117, 120 (lin. Hex-elements)
  • Element 134, 157 (lin. Tet-elements)
  • Element 136 (lin. Wedge-element)
  • Element 21, 35, 57, 61 (quadr. Hex-elements)
  • Element 127, 130 (quadr. Tet-elements)
  • Element 202 (quadr. Wedge-element)


  • Element 138 (3 nodes)
  • Element 75, 139, 140 (4 nodes)
  • Element 49 (6 nodes)
  • Element 22, 72 (8 nodes)


  • Element 158 (3 nodes)
  • Element 18 (4 nodes)
  • Element 200 (6 nodes)
  • Element 30 (8 nodes)

2D Solids, Axial Symmetry:

  • Element 10, 82 (lin. Quad 4)
  • Element 28, 33 (quadr. Quad 8)
  • Element 2, 156 (lin. Tria 3)


For detailed information please refer to the Marc interface document (.pdf) or contact our LIMIT® support.