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ABAQUS Interface

The strength assessment performed by the software LIMIT® incorporates a static and fatigue module to evaluate your structure. Base material as well as weld analysis can be accomplished using the commercial finite element code ABAQUS (Dassault Systèmes®).

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Required import files for LIMIT

To allow a fatigue assessment of your structure using Abaqus, you have to have the .inp to access the finite element model and the .odb with all relevant result data.

Importing the .inp-file into LIMIT-CAE

  • Abaqus (.inp; must be a ‚NoPartsInput‘!)
  • Activate ‚do not use parts and assemblies in input files’ in the Abaqus CAE Model manager/Edit Model Attributes

Supported Abaqus Versions in Release Package

  • 6201 (=2020)
  • 6191 (=2019)
  • 6181 (=2018)
  • 6171 (=2017)
  • 6161 (=2016)
  • 6141, 6143, 6146

If you need a different version please contact our LIMIT® support.

Following elements can be analyzed

Solids (stress gradients are only calculated for C3D):

  • C3D4 (lin. Tet-elements) (not suitable for stress assessment)
  • C3D6 (lin. Wedge-elements) (less suitable for stress assessment)
  • C3D8 (lin. Hex-elements) (less suitable for stress assessment)
  • C3D10 (quad. Tet-elements) => stress gradient available
  • C3D15 (quadr. Hex-elements) => stress gradient available
  • C3D20 (quadr. Hex-elements) => stress gradient available
  • CPE.., CPEG.. (linear and quadratic 2D-Solids)
  • CAX., (linear and quadratic AXI-Solids)


  • M3D.. (linear und quadratic 3D-Solids)


  • S.., STRI.., SC.. (linear and quadratic shells)


For detailed information please refer to the Abaqus interface document (.pdf) or contact our LIMIT® support.