EN 17149

The EN17149 is a new European standard for railway applications. The fatigue strength assessment of railway vehicle structures based on damage accumulation. The current status of the code is draft.

The code includes nominal and structural stress as well as effective notch stress concepts. Different procedures in combination with Finite Element analyses are discussed. It can be used for steel and aluminum alloys. The procedures are comparable to the FKM guideline. Some elements, such as the thickness correction under consideration of bending, are taken from British Standard BS 7608.

With this new code measured data or results from multi body simulations can be processed. Variable amplitude fatigue can be taken into account rather than using only the endurance strength for the assessment.

The integration of the code is currently in process. Since the code is still a draft, the official release within LIMIT is postponed to the late 2019.

Typical fields of application: railway vehicles.