LIMIT can be operated using a node locked or network license. In case of the nodelocked license LIMIT support needs the MAC address of the hardware to generate the license file. In case of the network license, LIMIT uses its on server software, which is installed on a windows machine within the network. Again the MAC address of the server is needed. Since LIMIT consist of different modules, also the licensing is modular. For more details see: https://www.limit-fatigue.com/licensing/

During the LIMIT installation all interfaces available in the package are tested. Only interfaces that pass the check are listed in the JobManager. When a new ANSYS version is installed, the interface check does not run automatically and LIMIT CAE does not recognize the change. The user has two possibilities to update LIMIT-CAE:
1. Manual update or
2. Reinstalling LIMIT.
Option 1.) is much faster and can be performed in the following steps:
a) Open the commands-directory of your LIMIT installation and double-click the batchfile for the specific Ansys version needed (here e.g. V192).

b) See if the standard prompt of the LIMIT solver appears!

c) If the prompt looks like above, the solver finds all necessary libraries and can be used. In order to make the preference visible in LIMIT-CAE the file named [preference].fail (here e.g. limit_ansys_v192_x64_eng_v2017r1.bat.fail) must be deleted.

d) Now the preference should appear in the JobManager!

LIMIT uses an internal threshold value for calculated margins of safety of 5.0. The threshold for calculated degrees of utilization is inverse proportional with a value of 0.2. Degrees of utilization are only stored if they are above 0.2.

The threshold value can be changed in the JobManager using the parameter “MAX. Safety Value”. The reciprocal value will define the threshold for the degree of utilization. If the assessment should resolve degrees of utilization down to 0.05 (=5%), then a maximum safety value of 20 is needed. These settings have to be defined before running the job.

The LIMIT solver operates with the stresses on the top and bottom side of shells. Any kind of offset is taken into account automatically. In LIMIT CAE the shell offset is not used. Shells always appear as mid surface model. This is only a displaying issue. The results are correct.

This issue has been reported and one reason might be, that there is no Microsoft Visual C++ installed on the computer. If the problem remains, please contact LIMIT support.