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LIMIT® Universal Interface

The strength assessment performed by the software LIMIT® incorporates a static and fatigue module to evaluate your structure. Base material as well as weld analysis can be accomplished using a finite element code.

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Required importfiles for LIMIT

To allow a fatigue assessment of your structure using Limit Universal Interface, you have to have the .linp to access the finite element model and the .lui with all relevant result data.

Using LUI Interface

  • To use the LIMIT-LUI-Interface you need a ‘flattened‘ Abaqus input file
  • The file extension must be switched from .inp to .linp
  • The result file must be a .lui file (for more information about the .lui file read the document ‘LIMIT_2020_Universal_Interface_Programmers_Guide.pdf ‘

Importing the .linp-file into LIMIT-CAE

  • A ‘flattened‘ Abaqus .inp-file can be imported by Limit.
  • Klick File / Import / FE Model: Limit Universal

Load definition

  • The LIMIT® loads can be defined by FE Results (.lui-file)
  • Klick Loads / Open Load Manager
  • Klick Create and Choose the .lui-file to use the FE- results in the LIMIT® run
    (For more information about the .lui-file read the document ‘LIMIT_2020_Universal_Interface.pdf ‘)

Running a LIMIT® job based FE-run with a .lui result file

  • In the field ‘Geometry File‘ select the .linp-file
  • In the field ‚‘Results File‘ select the .lui-file

Following elements can be analyzed


  • quadratic 3D-Solids (10 nodes tetrahedrons)


  • quadratic shells (6 nodes triangles)


For detailed information please refer to the Limit Universal interface document (.pdf) or contact our LIMIT® support.