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Assignment Types

LIMIT® distinguishes three different types of assignments, which define how the stress results from the FEA analysis are processed. These assignment types are:

A base material assignment can be used in areas of the design which are made from supplier material without changing its microstructure, e.g. forming, welding, heat treatment.
In these areas the “base material” strength values are valid.

To achieve a fast overview of the utilization of welds a global weld assessment, called Weld Global, is available in LIMIT® for shell and solid elements. The weld geometry (butt weld, fillet weld, …) is not considered in detail, but the actual notch cases for welds are used.

The Weld module in LIMIT® is used for the detailed assessment of seam welds. The actual weld type (butt weld, fillet weld, …) and the corresponding notch cases and FAT classes are assigned to the fatigue software according to the different guidelines


HAZ (Heat affected zone)

The heat affected zone is treated according to the different regulations and the used finite element model in two possible ways. Either the allowable of the HAZ is assigned as base material value or the allowable of the weld already include the influence of the HAZ in their data (which is often the case for aluminum weldings)