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The ERRI B12 implementation in LIMIT® is based on publications by the European Rail Research Institute in 1997 and 2001 and includes the reports B12/RP17 and B12/RP60. It can be used for the static and fatigue assessment of bogies and coaches.

LIMIT® Implementation

The static assessment is based on equivalent stresses in base material or weld sections. The fatigue assessment is based on the nominal stress concept. Mean stress sensitivity is includes. For bogies also stress relief treatment can be taken into account. The fatigue assessment is possible in three different ways:

1.) ERRI B12/RP17 using Goodman diagrams (only for bogies)
2.) ERRI B12/RP60, version A based on SN-Curves and a damage summation method
3.) ERRI B12/RP60, version B using Goodman diagrams

Results are available as degrees of utilisation (DoU) or damage values in case of ERRI B12/RP60, version A.

Fields of Application

  • railway industry worldwide

Further Information

For detailed information please contact our LIMIT® support.