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LIMIT® is available as paid-up or lease version and can be licensed nodelocked to an individual computer or within your local network at your site.

The three modules of LIMIT, namely


can be packaged to your needs since the licensing system treats each process as individual task.

The number of preprocessing seats, solvers and the number of FEA interfaces can be configured to your needs. The number of LIMIT-VIEWER postprocessing seats to visualize the results is unlimited allowing anyone in your department to view the results.

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Paid-up or Lease:

  • Paidup: We offer individually adapted combinations of different modules based on your needs. With our optional maintenance and support package you get the newest updates of LIMIT® and also help from our support team.
  • Lease: The standard leasing period is 12 months. Maintenance and support is included.

Nodelocked or Networklicense:

  • Nodelocked: The usage of LIMIT® is restricted to one single machine.
  • Network: A floating network license allows the usage of LIMIT® inside your whole local network. LIMIT-CAE and LIMIT-Solver each need a individual license to run. Instances of LIMIT-Viewer can be used without license. The usage of a network license requires a Windows machine with a LIMIT® license server installed.