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DVS 1608


The DVS 1608 is a German code dealing with the design and strength assessment of welded structures from aluminum alloys in railway applications. It includes strength values for typical aluminum alloys used in railway applications including parent material, heat affected zones and fillers. Fatigue strength values are defined for weld details typical to railway applications. The nominal stress concept is used. The fatigue results are calculated based on the endurance strength considering load cycle numbers of 10 million. Corrections for applications with less cycle numbers are possible, using S-N curves. The current version was published in September 2011.

LIMIT® Implementation

LIMIT® includes the main features of the DVS 1608. Additionally also a static assessment is possible in accordance with the European code EN 12663. The results are available as degrees of utilization.

Fields of Application

  • railway industry worldwide

Further Information

For detailed information please contact our LIMIT® support.