Eurocode 9 (EN1999-1)

Eurocodes 9 is a standardized code for the design of aluminium structures. This European code was elaborated by scientists, engineers and practitioners of the member states of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

LIMIT includes the static and fatigue strength assessment of base material and welds including heat affected zones. Nominal and structural stress concepts are included. The fatigue assessments against endurance strength or based on damage calculations are supported. The following subsections of the Eurocode 9 are used:

  • Eurocode 9 (EN1999-1-1): Design of aluminium structures – Part 1-1: General Structural rules
  • Eurocode 9 (EN1999-1-3): Design of aluminium structures – Part 1-3: Structures susceptible to fatigue

Typical fields of application: Fun rides, automotive and railway applications.