IIW Recommendations

The version currently used in LIMIT is based on the Recommendations for Fatigue Design of Welded Joints and Components, Second Edition with updates from 2014, International Institute of Welding. The fatigue strength assessment in LIMIT is based on SN-curves and damage calculation. Nominal and structural stress concepts are supported. The implementation can be used for welded steel and welded aluminum and offers three assessment types:

  • Fatigue against CAFL (Constant Amplitude Fatigue Strength), if no cycle numbers are available
  • Constant amplitude fatigue for very high cycle numbers
  • Variable amplitude fatigue

Further options are available for weld and base material analysis:

  • Consideration of proportional or Un-correlated loading scenarios
  • Thickness correction
  • Consideration of grinding and TIG-dressing
  • Consideration of mean stress sensitivity and reduced residual stresses

Further Information

For detailed information please contact our LIMIT support.