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New release LIMIT2023R001 available!

Since 23rd of May 2023 the newest version of LIMIT is ready for download. The package includes a completely new workflow for assessing shell models. In this ‘Shell Weld Batch Mode’ the weld location, orientation and type can directly be defined in Hypermesh/Hyperworks. LIMIT-CAE and the solver can then be operated in batch mode, speeding up the whole assessment procedure! The following picture shows the marking of welds in Hypermesh using 1D-elements.

Further new features and improvements:

  • Improved weld set generation in shell models aiming for weld sets with two join partners and eliminating weld sets with one node
  • A new design code for freight cars is available: AAR Section C – Part II
  • LIMIT control sets allow for the modification of setup parameters for individual elements

For information on all features and improvements please contact support or see LIMIT®-documentation.